“Chicken Feet,” by Robert Moll

Mar 13th, 2024 | By

When I was a kid, we had chicken for dinner every Friday night. Shortly after my fifth birthday I figured out how these meals worked: your age determined the part of the chicken you ate. As the youngest, I ate wings. My older brother was assigned drumsticks. My much older sister, white meat.

“How to Hug a Teenager,” by CK Steefel

Mar 6th, 2024 | By

When my twins were toddlers, they fought over me, literally. One time, my son, Dylan, was sitting on my lap and my daughter, Samantha, who was happily playing with a toy on the floor, hoisted herself up and pushed Dylan off my lap as though she was rescuing me from Bigfoot. She then triumphantly climbed on my lap; her toy long forgotten. After soothing a crying Dylan, I took advantage of the teaching moment and explained the concept of sharing.

“Third-Person Bio, Alternate Versions,” by Lynda Rushing

Feb 28th, 2024 | By

Third-Person Bio, Explained Like You’re Twelve

Lynda Rushing used to have a job cutting up dead people and looking at parts of living people to figure out why they died (the dead people) or why they’re sick (the living ones). She later became a lawyer who helped punish really mean bosses, and now spends her time writing stories about her life that you can read in magazines. (Although not always, or even usually.) She lives in one of the thirteen original colonies with her husband and her mom.

“Fool Proof,” by David Riessen

Feb 21st, 2024 | By

I walk around the parking lot until I find a plastic shopping bag with the Two Guys Department Store name and logo printed on it. Two Guys sells discount clothes, fake wood furniture, and all sorts of crap – but most important to me, record albums. My dad bought me a compact stereo system as a graduation present ($149 wholesale from a family friend), but I owned no music. So I devised an ingenious plan: The Town of Tonawanda Two Guys Record Heist. It might be relevant to point out that I have plenty of money to buy, rather than steal, records. So why do I do it? Because it’s easy and exciting. And oh yeah, also because I’m an idiot.

“Doctors Are Shocked at What They Find in Woman’s Esophagus,” by Andrea Goyan

Feb 14th, 2024 | By

Jill’s life took a hard left turn the day she was admitted to the hospital for a relatively minor procedure. Lying on a gurney in pre-op, she didn’t know her world was about to turn upside down. Forever.