Ben & Winslow

Ben & Winslow is Defenestration‘s weekly webcomic, written, drawn, and executive produced by Andrew Kaye. From here you can read the most current Ben & Winslow strips from January 2010 onward. Older Ben & Winslow comics can be found in a special section of Andrew’s deviantART gallery. Ben and Winslow also have an official Facebook page. If you’re new to the Ben & Winslow universe, keep reading for brief biographies of the characters.

Where would Ben & Winslow be without Ben and Winslow? Aside from the strip being renamed Ampersand, the strip would also be incredibly boring.


Ben believes he’s the only sane person on the planet, which probably stems from living with a person like Winslow. Ben is Winslow’s opposite; he’s responsible, courteous, and grounded in reality. If the two were cars, Ben would be the Chrysler minivan to Winslow’s Ford Pinto. He’s the closest thing Winslow will ever have to a conscience. And that terrifies him


Winslow is many things: irrational, selfish, completely uninhibited. His growing list of character flaws is exacerbated by the fact that he knows he’s a cartoon, and can therefore do whatever the hell he wants with little or no consequences. His hobbies include edged weapons, self mutilation, collateral mutilation, and eating whatever he can fit into his mouth.

Of course, Ben and Winslow are surrounded by all sorts of interesting people. They’re just not nearly as important!

Kurt the Cynic

Kurt hates everything. Because everything sucks. A longtime friend and gaming buddy of both Ben and Winslow, Kurt enjoys the benefits of their friendship without having to live under the same roof. Kurt enjoys over-sized pirate hats and women who won’t dump him after a few dates. The latter is nonexistent.

Little Winslow

Spawned from Winslow’s head like Athena was from Zeus, Little Winslow looks just like his larger progenitor, only pocket-sized. He may be tinier than Winslow, but what he lacks in size he more than makes up for in surliness and mischievousness. And frankly, that’s a mouthful.


Annie is somewhat insane. But only somewhat. No one really knows when Annie started to crack, but by the time she was sculpting children out of butter, everyone knew she had finally gone off the deep end. Annie is currently dating a robot of unknown origin.


Kate is level-headed enough, but finds her friends and neighbors incredibly trying. She lives alone with her dog, and thinks she’s doing quite well for herself, thank-you-very-much. And she doesn’t appreciate you staring at her chest, either.

Psychic Rob

Psychic Rob was cursed with special powers. Now people’s heads explode whenever he gets a headache. He’s usually stuck at home with his overbearing wife, so any opportunity to escape is savored–even if that means spending time with guys like Winslow.

Quentin Sadguy

Quentin is always two cuts away from suicide. It’s good to have goals.


Laura’s only flaw is that she spends far too much time around cartoon characters. She also spends far too much time with small children, but at least she’s getting paid to do that. Laura thinks Ben and Winslow are adorable. Okay, that’s two flaws. Give the lady a break!

Apsara, the Attention Whore

People like Apsara need to stay far, far away from people like Winslow. Bright pink hair, bright blue skin, and a penchant for saying whatever will turn the most heads, Apsara is a sensible person’s nightmare. When not running around half-naked, Apsara holds a day job as an ad agency executive. So far, no one has discovered her true nature.

All characters are copyright Andrew Kaye. Accept no substitutes.