“Memories of Hardship,” by Grace Alamo

Apr 20th, 2024 | By

You proudly do your hair like Princess Leia’s for picture day only to quietly take out the buns later when the other school children giggle and stare. You trade your stuffed rabbit, Hoppy, for Sarah’s lion at school and regret it immediately.

“Mustache,” by Sam Kilkenny

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This poem is delightfully small. We won’t spoil it with a preview!

“Life Lesson,” by Andrew Urquhart

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Mr Darwin, prickly and aged bachelor biology teacher
At a public school I will not name,
Stood lab-coated before a class of rowdy troglodytes each Friday,
Who mocked his every feature, every foible—he
Being the only specimen they ever cared to examine,

“Reasons for Numbers,” by Laura Zaino

Apr 20th, 2024 | By

A. pages of books

B. clocks & meeting times (“midday” & “sundown” no longer suffice)

C. ounces of water, tea, wine

“Eleven Ways of Participating on Zoom,” by Gary Grossman

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In bed, back propped up against
two pillows wearing your alma
mater sweatshirt.