“The Flat Chicken Sandwich,” by Heather Brown Barrett

Apr 20th, 2022 | By

is a polarizing, stepped-on chicken patty in a bun,
breaded flatworm of nostalgia

“Till Tomorrow Night My Love,” by Khaloud Al-Muttalibi

Dec 20th, 2021 | By

Restless and ready as ever for my night’s walk
to his pleasurable lap. You would think by now,
his Antarctic heart would adapt
to the burning zeal of my wandering hands.

“Christmas Catastrophe,” by A.C. Cambers

Dec 20th, 2021 | By

A string of tinsel killed my cat.
My grandma was to blame.

“Scientific Inquiry,” by Lou Faber

Dec 20th, 2021 | By

And it
should come as
no great surprise
Isaac Newton said,
“I find I now
prefer to sit beneath.”
pear trees.

Three Poems by Andrew W. Turner

Dec 20th, 2021 | By

a well trained baboon
could kick our ass at most sports