“Reasons for Numbers,” by Laura Zaino

Apr 20th, 2024 | By | Category: Poetry

After Lisel Mueller

A. pages of books

B. clocks & meeting times (“midday” & “sundown” no longer suffice)

C. ounces of water, tea, wine

D. baking measurements

E. the temperature (though personally I’d be satisfied with a standardized set of phrases, e.g. “Holy shit, it’s hot out there,” “Salt the driveway,” “Definitely get outside today.”)

F. finding the beat

G. science (umbrella term for important things involving data & equations & charts & hypotheses that I don’t quite understand)

H. knowing when to stop doing burpees

I. drawing maps to scale

J. men’s clothing sizes

K. infinity would otherwise be meaningless


Laura Zaino wears many hats, often at the same time: yoga teacher, unapologetic metalhead, mother of one, hiking enthusiast, vegan baker. She has an MFA in Poetry (funny but true). Her self-published poetry collection, Hindsight Notwithstanding, is available on Amazon. Find her on Instagram @onlyhappensonce.

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