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Some Kind of Ray

Apr 23rd, 2021 | By

Sometimes I, too, wish I had some kind of ray to solve all of my problems, but I’m not as resourceful (or petty) as Winslow, so I have to make do with passive aggressive daydreams.

Defenestration: April 2021

Apr 20th, 2021 | By

Another year, another issue of Defenestration! And this begins Volume 18, which means Defenestration is legally an adult. We’re going to light some fireworks, eat some cake, and destroy a piƱata. Let the merriment begin!

“Q. Can I Hunt Underwater Zombies with Your New Chainsaw, And If Not, Does the Warranty Cover Water Damage?” by Myna Chang

Apr 20th, 2021 | By

Jeremy chugged a can of Shake & Wake Soda. He’d been up for two days straight making a new video for his YouTube channel. A yawn morphed into a surprise belch that brought tears to his eyes. He shook his head and hit the upload button. This chainsaw stunt video was a masterpiece of editing, blending top-notch graphics with his favorite guitar riffs.

“Five Stars,” by Eric Kaplan

Apr 20th, 2021 | By

When I read Talons of the Night at first I thought I would like it because I am a fan of human/intelligent eagle erotic fan fiction and I thought this would be an example of that because of the title and because of the cover art which depicted a very curvaceous and lovely woman in a painting having an intimate encounter with a swan which although it is not an eagle which is what I find most exciting, is pretty close.

“Lola Gets Sober,” by Stephanie Gibbon

Apr 20th, 2021 | By

Lola Brandy Hicks made her wobbly way down the baking, summer sidewalk hell-bent on the bar she could see two copies of 100 feet ahead. People were staring but Lola told herself she didn’t give a shit. She was used to this kind of attention and figured she knew what it was about. She was funny looking, as more than one slurring, anonymous suitor had pointed out.