Defenestration: August 2023

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Is it really time for a new issue of Defenestration? Has the summer really come and gone? It must be true, otherwise I wouldn’t be here typing these words: Welcome to the August 2023 issue of Defenestration!

This month’s issue starts off with a new take on an old joke and… well, I don’t want to say the issue gets progressively weirder after that, because it’s all pretty weird. We’ve got some teleportation, some shark attacks, and juuuust enough pocket monsters to be amusing without resulting in a cease and desist letter. There’s a bunch of other funny stuff, too, but if I told you all about them here it would ruin the surprise. I know you’re curious.

Okay, a few administrative bits before I continue. Haratron has officially taken over Defenestration‘s Twitter presence (I refuse to call it X), so if you want the latest Defenestration news, please follow him @Haratron. I’ve been using my personal Twitter account (@andrewkaye) less and less with all the nonsense that’s been going on, but since I still think it’s important for the magazine to maintain an official presence there, Haratron is it! If you’re using other social media sites and want magazine news, you can follow me on Spoutible (@andrewkaye), Mastodon (, and Hive (@andrewkaye). I’m also on Threads (@the_uncanny_ak), but I won’t be posting Defenestration stuff there until the site’s functionality is improved a bit. If Bluesky ever let’s me in I’ll be sure Defenestration has a presence there, too. This is all to say that (1) there are far too many microblogging sites available right now; (2) none of them are perfect; and (3) I want you all to know when the latest Defenestration content is up regardless of where you hang out.

Defenestration is  now open to poetry and short story submissions. Our year-end December 2023 issue is what we’re reading for, so send us all the funny things that you’ve been writing!

—Andrew Kaye, Editor-in-Chief

Short Stories:
Lillie E. Franks, “The Old Joke”
Jon Wesick, “Talk to Your Doctor”
Cody Adams, “Pre-Chum”
Meagan Noel Hart, “Spa-ntaneity”
Corey Miller, “Pocket Monsters (Silver Edition)

Ping Yi, “And They Shall Inherit the Earth”
Jennifer Spadaccia, “An Avocado Gift”
Paul Hostovsky, Two Poems
George Stanworth, “Armageddon”

Downloadable Copy:

Defenestration, August 2023

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