“Armageddon,” by George Stanworth

Aug 20th, 2023 | By | Category: Poetry

While waiting
for the world
to end,
I anxiously
tidied the house.

I hoovered the ‘Welcome’ mat
and dusted the ornamental
before ordering the
DVDs chronologically.

I sprayed Glade Lavender
around the dog basket,
then panicked about the number
of emails still
outstanding in my inbox.

I thought about the things
I should have done instead,
like playing more games of ‘Mario Kart’
rather than worrying about the kids.

There were still mobile pictures
to be saved in the cloud,
and meals to be
uploaded to Facebook.

I would never know if
my application for
Wheel of Fortune
had been accepted,
or if my H-Pylori
was in remission.

I ironed my ties
and prayed
that I would be forgiven
for owning a Milli Vanilli single.

George Stanworth is a UK poet who has self-published numerous children’s and adult satirical poetry books on Amazon. Some of the titles include Don’t Trick Or Treat A Lion, Your Sax Is On Fire, and Short Funny Love Poems. He has also had poems published in anthologies, and had another book independently published called A Floristry of Palpitations. In 2014, he was also a finalist in the”Lyrics Only” section of the UK Songwriting Contest. He promotes his poetry through open mic nights around London and surrounding areas.

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