Defenestration: April 2022

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Welcome, welcome, to the April 2022 issue of Defenestration! It might be spring, but the weather has gotten cold and wet and miserable around Defenestration HQ, which means we all had to dig our sweaters out of storage and made the tough decision to burn our charming wooden deck furniture for warmth. Nature is against us, friends, but that hasn’t stopped the latest issue from dropping right on time.

And what an issue! We start things off with Nosferatu, because I think that’s the logical choice and I’m sure you’ll all agree. We don’t stop there, though. We’re all about more here at Defenestration. So we don’t give you one story with aliens, we give you TWO. We don’t give you one guy named Bo, we give you TWO. Multiple Satans. Endless televisions. More birds than I bothered counting. And literally everyone who ever dated Emma McNamara. And that’s only half of whatever it is we’ve got going on here. So read! READ! And share your favorites with your friends. Maybe with your family, even.

And before I go, let’s get this next reading period going, shall we? Defenestration is now open to poetry and short story submissions! Send us something funny because that’s all we’re interested in.

—Andrew Kaye, Editor-in-Chief

Short Stories:
Zara Karschay, “Nosferatu’s Masterclass in Presenting to Stakeholders”
Mark Brazaitis, “The Best Bo”
Derek Lake Berghuis, “The Endless Televisions”
Agata Antonow, “The Family Company”
Katherine Cowley, “The Cultural Repository”
A.K. Blake, “The Grand Marriott Hotel ♒︎⧫♏●”
Katherine Gleason, “So Mote It Be!”
Robert Garnham, “In the Lair of the Blue-Beaked Noddie”
Susan Chertkow, “Muse”

Maria Giesbrecht, “goose shit”
Oak Morse, “Man in Nursing Home”
Jocko Benoit, “Signs You Are A Minor Character In A Disaster Movie”
Emma McNamara, “Silly Little Pity/Slumber/Purge Party”
Mary Cresswell, “Lady Macbeth Channels the Cat in the Hat”
Heather Brown Barrett, “The Flat Chicken Sandwich”

Downloadable Copy:
Defenestration, April 2022

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