“goose shit,” by Maria Giesbrecht

Apr 20th, 2022 | By | Category: Poetry

there’s a man in the park saying it’s been a while since he’s seen
a pretty girl open a book
and before I have time to curse his soul
to the depths of Hades
I laugh a little
it’s mid July and hot girl summer—
you’ve been there

but the conversation wears old like wallpaper and sooner
than later I regret the hello but
I’m just grateful
it’s not February / thank god I
get to watch him wipe out in some
goose shit on the way out


Maria Giesbrecht is a Canadian poet residing in Guelph, Ontario. Her style reflects her love of storytelling and vivid imagery. Maria has been published in Sunday Mornings at the River, The Sunshine Review, CV2, the York Journal, and the Imposter Poetry Journal.

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