“So Mote It Be!” by Katherine Gleason

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Your spells.com order #886929
To: Joanna K.,

Dear Joanna K.,

Thank you for consulting Mama Morgana and spells.com!

Your customized spell(s) from spells.com is/are below. Please remember Magick is real. We encourage you to cast each of your spells as written. Be sure to read through each spell thoroughly as soon as possible so you can order all the necessary Magickal supplies from the Shoppe. (As a valued spells.com customer, you get a 20% discount on all Magickal goods ordered within the next week.)

You have redeemed our three-for-one spring special with this order. We are so glad you were able to take advantage of this exciting new offer. (Sign up for Mama Morgana’s newsletter, Morgana’s Scrying Ball⁽ˢᵐ⁾, to make sure you can see the future and grab the latest deals before the general public.)

Spells for Joanna K.

Because you, Joanna, were born under the sign of Pisces, you are ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune. It is part of your nature to be an Abundance Goddess. Mama Morgana was born under the sign of Sagittarius, also ruled by Jupiter. So, she is an Abundance Goddess, too. (We don’t believe the universe ever serves up coincidences. No, this is synchronicity. You need to learn about finances and your path to personal success and prosperity. Perhaps you are being guided to sign up for Mama Morgana’s newest workshop? It’s Abundance Goddess 101, coming soon, from Jupiter to you!)

But without further ado, let’s make some Magick!

Employment Spell for Joanna K.

Mama Morgana is sorry to learn that you were terminated from your position as Assistant Vice Principal. We understand that your job as Assistant Vice Principal was important to you. It was important because you like to help and guide young people and you like to use your skills of organization and kindness. To draw a job based in values like yours, you will, of course, need to consult employment listings. (You will also want to consider if you may have been terminated for cause.)

On the Full or Waxing Moon, light a green or yellow candle. Place four pennies around the candle, a dollar bill under the candle, and focus on your desire. Keep your focus on your desire for employment without emphasizing your economic concerns. (Mama Morgana understands. She also needs a new car. Mama Morgana agrees: it is unfair that you are surrounded by students who drive luxury vehicles you could never afford while you are stuck with an “unreliable clunker” that has caused you to be late to work on numerous occasions.) Once you feel centered and clear, chant these words:

Assistant Vice Principal come to me.
I am kind and organized.
So mote it be.

Allow your Magickal energy to build up. (You may feel an itching in your palms. Mama Morgana does!) Then release your Magick, imagine it flying out in all directions carrying your desire on its swift wings.

Uncrossing Spell for Joanna K.

Mama Morgana understands that you ordered a binding spell. Writing a binding spell to prevent “the rich brat” from talking would violate Mama Morgana’s Code of Ethics.* Remember, we do not impinge upon the free will of others. Mama Morgana also understands that you believe you have been bewitched. Reading your energy and considering the demographics, it seems unlikely that your student cast a spell on you. Perhaps “some outside force” did cause you to demand payment from this student in exchange for “hooking him up” with college admission officials and that athletic coach. To gain clarity and remove any blocks that are keeping you from seeing the truth and moving ahead, work this Uncrossing Spell on the Waning Moon.

Clean your apartment thoroughly. Take a warm shower and scrub yourself with Mama Morgana’s Purifying Salt (for sale in the Shoppe. If you buy today, you get an extra 10% off your already discounted price!) While in the shower, imagine the “bad feeling” being drawn out of your body and washed down the drain. Then anoint a purple candle with Mama Morgana’s Extra Strength Uncrossing Oil. (Yes, you get an extra 10% off your already discounted price!) As you do this, chant these words:

Now the wickedness of the wicked ends
I am free of them,
And with myself do make amends.

Make sure to focus on your goal and imagine yourself feeling lighter and free. Light the candle and sit with it in meditation for ten to twenty minutes. Then snuff out the flame. Repeat this every day for seven days and you will be uncrossed.

Protection Spell for Joanna K.

Mama Morgana is happy to offer you a protection spell. That said, she cannot protect you from law enforcement. It is true, a sixteen year old can seem very grown up and capable of signing contracts and entering into agreements, but if said contracts concern questionable activities and were signed under duress, are they legally enforceable?

Shield of protection
Hear my plea!
Keep this person
Away from me.

Spells are not returnable. No refunds or partial refunds will be issued for any reason, including unexpected results. By using the website spells.com you, have given consent for the use of elements of your personal information. Spells from spells.com are for your personal use only and are not to be shared on social media or blogs or by any means yet to be invented.

*Ethics really do count. (Mama Morgana could tell you stories!) Please remember, “harm none and do what you will!”


Katherine Gleason’s stories have appeared in Cheap Pop, The Drabble, Derelict Lit, Every Day Fiction, Hobart, Juked, Jellyfish Review, and Menacing Hedge. She won first prize in the River Styx/Schlafly Beer Micro-Fiction Contest, garnered an honorable mention from Glimmer Train, and has been nominated for a Best of the Net award. Her play “The Toe Incident” won the Christopher Hewitt Award for Drama in 2020.

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