Defenestration: December 2014

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This is it, folks. The December 2014 issue of Defenestration. Smell it. Savor it.

Eileen and I don’t think about themes when we’re holding onto stuff during our reading periods. We just grab the stuff we like and throw it in a pile to look at later. But I don’t know… sometimes I think we’re either operating on a similar plane of existence or that the submitters have tapped into some hive mind of creativity, because sometimes we end up with a very clear theme.

This month is filled with monsters and misunderstood creatures. That doesn’t really sound like the sort of thing you’d showcase in December but damn it, you guys! We got so many weird and wonderful submissions about monsters! And you’ll find all sorts here: movie monsters, anthropomorphic animals, cannibals, cultists–hell, even the Addams family makes an appearance. And if monsters aren’t your thing, we’ve got enough curse words, sex, and science fiction to hold your attention. So enjoy!

Of course, the arrival of a new issue also means that the Defenestration in-box open to short stories and poetry. Careful deductions and 5 minutes of Google research will tell you that we’re reading for our April 2015 issue. So send us your best!

—Andrew Kaye, Editor-in-Chief and Ghost of Christmas Past


Neil Fulwood, Two Poems
Anthony Nannetti, “Finger Trapped”
J. I. Kleinberg, “The lovesick tablecloth”
Bill Spencer, “Insider Art”
John Roth, “Here, eat this fucking sandwich”

Short Stories:

Matthew Grzecki, “Donald”
Jon Hakes, “Due By Noon”
A. A. Garrison, “Prison Break”
Christian McKay Heidicker, “Swiping Right on Wednesday Addams (On Tinder)
K. Marvin Bruce, “Famous Neighbors”
Kim Mary Trotto, “Well Suited”
T. J. Young, “The Bountiful Hangnail”

Downloadable Copy:

Defenestration, December 2014

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