“Insider Art,” by Bill Spencer

Dec 20th, 2014 | By | Category: Poetry

“American Student Rescued after Getting Stuck in Giant Vagina Sculpture in Germany.”
New York Daily News, June 23, 2014

Twenty-two firefighters labored to deliver you,
yours a different kind of fire.

You couldn’t resist the primal allure,
mad to delve into, to feel, to merge.

Then the struggle, the red face, the full epiphany,
the only way out the way you came.

Not the first to need help in a tight place,
not the first to be snared by feminine art.

A second birth―born this time into the brotherhood of men.


Defenestration-Bill SpencerBill Spencer, an advisory editor for Tar River Poetry, has published poems in Shot Glass and Tapestry. His humor writing has been accepted by Narrative magazine, Reader’s Digest, The Inconsequential, Clever magazine, and Nuthouse. He lives in a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina with his wife, artist-poet Carolyn Elkins.

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