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Just Like the White-Winged Dove

Mar 26th, 2021 | By

Today’s comic is worth reading with a little musical accompaniment. I suggest pulling up “Edge of Seventeen” by Stevie Nicks, which is a great song even without a Ben & Winslow comic to reference it.


Mar 19th, 2021 | By

Looks can be deceiving. Or they might not be deceiving at all and we’re all willfully ignoring how scary and weird everything is because we’re getting frozen yogurt.

They Remember

Mar 12th, 2021 | By

Pepperidge Farm remembers. Pepperidge Farm never forgets and never forgives.

Doing My Best

Mar 5th, 2021 | By

It’s important to do your best. Just remember that there are always risks involved. Always.

Casket Couture

Feb 26th, 2021 | By

This strip is dedicated to my grandmother, who used to knit all sorts of things.