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Machine Yearning

Feb 24th, 2023 | By

Can a robot suffer from a broken heart? Sure, why not.

Confessions of a Valentine’s Day Crooner

Feb 10th, 2023 | By

It’s time to dim the lights and allow Winslow to serenade you (or the nice spider lady) with a romantic ballad from 1997. That’s right. Let the Valentine’s Day energy fill you to the brim with its power.


Jan 27th, 2023 | By

I would argue that you shouldn’t be Winslow in this comic, but you should try to avoid being Ben, too. The Bens of the world know far too many Winslows, and they’re  slowly being crushed by them.

A New Year Rises

Jan 20th, 2023 | By

Nothing like a new year to get you in the mood for trying new things, eating healthy, and bettering yourself through art, exercise, and education.

Tragic Backstory

Oct 28th, 2022 | By

I would probably do something like this if I liked the idea of having rotting pumpkin carcasses all over my lawn for an entire month. I don’t, though. I really don’t.