“The Family Company,” by Agata Antonow

Apr 20th, 2022 | By

A portal opens in everyone’s computer. My screen ripples in a round circle and the plastic seems to melt away as a passageway to another world opens. Chris watches slack jawed as Satan strolls right through the screen into her kitchen. Zven shrieks and falls from his chair as Satan walks into his home office. Tori smiles beatifically as Satan hops into his bedroom. In my own backyard, Satan arrives in a puff of smoke and the smell of sulfur. He winks at me and glances around. Everyone at the company has his own Satan.

“The Cultural Repository,” by Katherine Cowley

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The day we transported the British Museum, twenty thousand humans spilled out of the Underground and took to London’s streets in protest. In their hands—humans possess only two, but still manage to use them quite effectively—they carried all manner of inventive signs: “You Can’t Spell Earth Without Art,” “My Heart Belongs to the British Museum,” “Our History Should be Grounded in Our Soil,” and “Earth Should Brexit the Alien Pact.”

“The Grand Marriott Hotel ♒︎⧫♏●,” by A.K. Blake

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We hope you enjoyed your stay at the Grand Marriott Hotel ♒︎⧫♏●, where our motto is “Timeless service in any timeline.” Please take a few minutes to respond to a short questionnaire. As a small thanks for completing the survey, you will be entered to win a prize in the preferred currency of your dimension (rare natural objects, paper cash, antimatter, credit card, cryptocurrency, or direct cerebro-chip transfer). We look forward to serving you again soon.

“So Mote It Be!” by Katherine Gleason

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Your customized spell(s) from is/are below. Please remember Magick is real. We encourage you to cast each of your spells as written. Be sure to read through each spell thoroughly as soon as possible so you can order all the necessary Magickal supplies from the Shoppe. (As a valued customer, you get a 20% discount on all Magickal goods ordered within the next week.)

“In the lair of the blue-beaked noddie,” by Robert Garnham

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‘Well, someone’s sure as hell spooking the blue-beaked noddies’, Greg said.

We remained quiet, of course.

‘Gibbering wrecks, the lot of them. The island jungle is a fragile ecosystem. They only exist on this island because there aren’t any other predators. Rats . . Cats . . Humans . .’.

I was a human, and so was Liam. It was hard not to take this last remark personally.