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Rich, Chocolate Constantine. More Constantine, Please!

Mar 20th, 2005 | By

This month we examine Constantine, an antihero comic book movie based on “religion.”As you can see by my use of quotes, this movie will be long and contain a lot of pointless and inaccurate religious references. I shall ignore most of them in this review, as I ignored them in my free screening, because I’m

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Express Yourself: A Guide to Kate Beckinsale

Feb 20th, 2005 | By

I notice that some people seem incapable of tracking actors from one project to another, lovingly tracing their career path and supporting the dreams of someone they will never meet. I call these people “unfortunate.” I am told the common parlance is “normal,” or “not in need of medical help.” But we’re not here today

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“Phantom of the Opera”: Because They Paid Me

Jan 20th, 2005 | By

Sometimes, a small idea gets nurtured like a grapevine by a caring, skilled screenwriter. The idea is gently plucked in a wine harvest of writing, mulled and extracted into a rich merlot of character and wit, and (after a suitable ripening period) taken from the dark cellar of obscurity and poured for a grateful cinematic

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A Judge of Character: “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”

Aug 20th, 2004 | By

Recently, I had the dubious honor of watching The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a summer blockbuster film that seems to have been made purely as an experiment in British character actor screen saturation. While subjecting myself to the three hours of steampunk ambivalence (perhaps it wasn’t three hours – more like eight? I’m not sure),

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“Change of Place”: Rick Springfield Goes Abroad

Jul 20th, 2004 | By

So, I recently caught a cable extravaganza called Change of Place. The title is so hilariously bland that you can only imagine what further horrors were in store for me. You don’t have to imagine, actually, because I wrote them down. So, I suppose that “for me” really meant “for you.” Sorry about that. Once

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