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“The Forsyte Saga”: What a Terrible Plan

Jun 20th, 2004 | By

Recently I had the pleasure of renting The Forsyte Saga, a British miniseries that got rave reviews from all quarters. This pleasure lasted until I went to the checkout counter and realized I had just spent $25 on a miniseries with a family named for a personality trait. Why now, I wondered, when I had

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The Man with the Golden Pun: “Troy” and “Van Helsing” Fail Miserably at Whatever They Were Trying to Do

May 20th, 2004 | By

This month was going to be a review of the 1940 version of Pride and Prejudice, because it is a horrible adaptation of a wonderful story. However, Eileen and Andrew shamed me into writing about movies that had recently come out. Why? Because, according to Andrew, I would never shut up about them otherwise. Also,

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Ron Perlman

Apr 20th, 2004 | By

Everyone, this is my new boyfriend, Ron Perlman. You all might know him from Beauty and the Beast, in which he wore a ton of makeup. You might know him from the recent Hellboy, in which he wore a ton of makeup. Red this time. Maybe you’re a Star Trek fan? He was in Nemesis.

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“The Piano” (IT’S A SYMBOL)

Mar 20th, 2004 | By

So. Has anyone else here seen The Piano? No? Good idea. But for those that need to write a report on it, I offer you an Intellectual Summary. (We couldn’t get the rights to the pictures, so I have drawn them myself.) Holly Hunter: I haven’t spoken since I was six, for no real reason.

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Ubiquitous Oscar Column

Feb 20th, 2004 | By

In general, this column will be where you go to read reviews of truly craptacular movies that one should not die without having seen. However, it’s Oscar time, and Ubiquitous Film Review Column is as much a slave to Oscar power as any other media outlet! As this year’s Oscar race approaches, the buzz increases

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