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“Playground X,” by Ron Singer

Oct 19th, 2016 | By

Proposal for a Ph.D. Thesis in Sociology The University of West-Central X


The sociology of children’s play spaces is such a well-mined field that it might even be characterized as a veritable minefield for potential dissertation writers. Horizontal and vertical studies abound, as do methodologies, which range from (unsurprisingly) the concrete to the theoretical, and from studies of single play spaces, to comparative studies of multiples.

“Raffle Extension Proposal,” by Ron Singer

Jul 20th, 2011 | By

Dear LPN editor:

In order to raise extra money for some of the things that keep our dear Lake Pemaquoddy dear, such as the anti-millfoil and loon-counting projects, in addition to the long-established Ice-Out raffle, I hereby propose an extension.

Association members would be invited to estimate (guess) the dates of completion of other local processes about which dates can be estimated (or guessed): e.g., when X will finish shingling the front of his house; when Y, now that he’s insulated his upstairs hall and second bedroom, will sheet-rock them; and when Z will finally clear all the c**p out of his front yard.

“Man of Spam (Spam Man),” by Ron Singer

Nov 20th, 2008 | By

Recently (how?), Kevin Kile (Mr. Kevin Kile) underwent (experienced) a perfect spam storm. (What does that mean?) The principal (main) source of Kevin’s (Mr. Kile’s) problem was vocational (work-related): he was (is) a writer (author). Specifically (yes, be specific), he was (is, is) an emerging (like a groundhog?) fiction writer with 43 (forty-three) Internet (ezine?

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