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“Chicken Feet,” by Robert Moll

Mar 13th, 2024 | By

When I was a kid, we had chicken for dinner every Friday night. Shortly after my fifth birthday I figured out how these meals worked: your age determined the part of the chicken you ate. As the youngest, I ate wings. My older brother was assigned drumsticks. My much older sister, white meat.

“CookieMatch: The Dating Site That Tells the Inside Story,” by Robert Moll

Nov 1st, 2023 | By

Seen too many dating profiles like this one: “Hi. I’m Beverly. I’m passionate about lasagna, I root for the Blackhawks, and I have a pet turtle named Wally.” A swipe left for sure—reject! Turns out, there’s more to Bev than carbs, pucks, and reptiles. When CookieMatch, our dating service, enhanced her profile with an account of her online life—what she clicks on—you see a far more intriguing woman. She’s fascinated by the graffiti of ancient Pompeii; she’s reading up on 19th century magic tricks; and she has an ongoing interest in herbal aphrodisiacs. Voila! Bev’s become an alluring right swipe.