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“Girl on Barbie,” by Susan DiPronio

Apr 20th, 2013 | By

You have Barbie dolls in your basement
with tiny shoes and tiny other things.
How’s her hair ? Sticky?
I always thought she used a little too much product.
Do you love her? Do you touch her?
Is she strapped in a box or out and about
peeking in on you.

“Bobby,” by Dan Nielsen

Apr 20th, 2013 | By

I thought I saw
floating above
the bed,

“Risk and Relativity,” by Maria Bonsanti

Apr 20th, 2013 | By

I have never tasted locust-borne starvation,
or been forced to swallow ancient misbeliefs;

I have never run from engine-driven sea waves,
or been thirsty on an island cuffed with reefs.

“How to Buy Potatoes,” by Andrew House

Apr 20th, 2013 | By

Potatoes have their ways of lying. Hold one
close to your lips and spit-shine the shit
out of it. Do this in the store, oblivious
to the old ladies’ stares.

“Headshot,” by Kris Bigalk

Apr 20th, 2013 | By

I needed a photo of the poet
for the Facebook invite to the poetry reading,
so I Googled her impossible Polish name
(I can say that, having my own impossible Polish name)
searching the thumbnails littering the page like confetti.
A pair of large, firm, breasts appeared, held up
by two graceful, feminine hands.