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“First,” by Christopher Hivner

Jul 27th, 2016 | By

Comment section for You Tube video Qvst3rtY67: German Heavy Metal Band Schicklgruber’s Mustache–New song “Where is My Lighter, I Have No Cigarette”

Dumbguy60: I love German power metal.

JayJay: Power metal? Were your ears torn off by a weasel? This is obviously symphonic metal.

CrowbarsAreFun: I thought it was doom metal.

Bob: This is awful

“Suitcase Blues,” by Christopher Hivner

Feb 20th, 2008 | By

Ronnie MacKenzie’s gangly body tripped across his bedroom giddily. When he reached the closet, he flung open the door and grabbed hold of his old suitcase that Grandpa Angus had brought over from the old country. The black color was terribly faded now, and the metal pieces were showing rust, but in the end, how

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