Defenestration: April 2021

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Another year, another issue of Defenestration! And this begins Volume 18, which means Defenestration is legally an adult. We’re going to light some fireworks, eat some cake, and destroy a piñata. Let the merriment begin!

We’ve got another large issue for you all this month. Honestly, Eileen and I started putting together larger issues since the pandemic hit, but we may just make it a regular thing, you know? We’ve been getting so many really good submissions, and the volume has been increasing with every reading period. Back in the Before Times, we’d typically hold on to 20 or so submissions for consideration–holding on to 25 would have been a really strong reading period. Last year the numbers jumped, and we were holding on to 30 to 35 submissions. And this last period? Over 40. That’s the most we’ve ever held. And when our usual thing was to publish half of what ended up in the consideration pile, well, it’s no wonder the issues have gotten larger.

This is, of course, a good thing.

We’ve got some returning contributors this month and a whole bunch of new faces. This issue is filled with thieves and witches and that one really weird guy at work that makes you incredibly uncomfortable. It’s also got grenades, chainsaws, a haunted house, and at least 69 Ws. Maybe you’ll even find forbidden love between man and eagle. And that is but a taste. A tiny piece. Jump in and enjoy, folks!

I’ve pressed the big red button so the inbox is once again open to poetry and short story submissions. We’re now reading for the August 2021 issue. Got something hilarious? Send it our way! Got something that is not at all hilarious, and maybe even boring? Send it to one of those other literary magazines.

—Andrew Kaye, Editor-in-Chief

Short Stories:
Myna Chang, “Q. Can I Hunt Underwater Zombies with Your New Chainsaw, And If Not, Does the Warranty Cover Water Damage?”
Eric Kaplan, “Five Stars”
Stephanie Gibbon, “Lola Gets Sober”
Will Musgrove, “The Father, The Son, and The Hardware Store”
Lisa Fox, “Camouflage”
Eugene Morgulis, “Gabe Chanterelle, Woke Detective!”
Jami Fairleigh, “Preservation in Love”
Arthur Davis, “Rusty”
Ginny Hogan, “Bad Excuse Josh”
Floriana Gennari, “Fresh Paint”
Alex Dermody, “Chip Rickwilder’s Flawless Entrance to Professional Cage Fighting”
Rebecca Fletcher, “Losing Grip”
David Marie-Garland, “A Green Thumb on the Scales of Justice”

Sophie Panzer, “I Am Bryan From Work And This Is Just To Say”
James W. Reynolds, “Darwin’s Prophet”
Barbara Daniels, “Where Sperm Come From”
Maria Declare, Two Poems
Chris Bullard, “Best Look”
Emma McNamara, “this poem contains 69 Ws”
Annette Sisson, “Ode to Retirement”
Shai Afsai, “The Overcoat”
Nancy Byrne Iannucci, “Salem’s Sid and Nancy”

Downloadable Copy:
Defenestration, April 2021

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