Two Poems by Maria Declare

Apr 20th, 2021 | By | Category: Poetry

The Instapoet

I am an Instagram
Bright, concise poet.
The one who said:

Caffeine is my life
And overlayed it with a crumpled coffee cup
(Because I am dead)

Once I loved a website browser

Once I loved a website browser,
but he has made me weep.
For I did the dual screen;
I pushed what should have stayed asleep.
In cyberspace, I danced to google green
and I grazed with the wireless mountain sheep.
I gathered my websites like wildflowers
and set my tabs to hexadecimal display.
I was in raptures on the web,
but when I tried to lead those lips across the second screen,
his soul got lost; my browser crashed and ran away.

Now alone, and it’s all to zeros as I say:
Oh lonely pixels, where’d you go?
My liquid friend, oh why’d you go astray?


Maria Declare is an engineer from Canada. She likes to write poetry when the math problems get too confusing. She lives in Toronto, Ontario with her mom and Doug the dog.

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