Defenestration: December 2019

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Another year is drawing to a close, and that means we’ve got another fresh issue of Defenestration to share with you (and possibly your family, but not small children, thank you). But we’ve also reached the end of a decade, which is unbeleivable to me, because (1) I have no concept of time and (2) I don’t age. I’m almost exactly like Santa Claus, except don’t have a beard or a belly or a red suit, and I’ve never met an elf except for that one time at the Lord of the Rings convention.

This month we’ve got a lot of great fiction and poetry for you, including, appropriately enough, a Christmas story. Our offerings for this issue also include such illustrious personages as Emily Dickinson, Ernest Hemingway, Pinocchio, and Sarah Connor. You will love it all.

Follow the links below¬† or download the whole issue as a PDF. Also, the inbox is now once again open to poetry and short stories. We’ll be reading for our April 2020 issue, the first issue of Defenestration in the Roaring Twenties 2.0.

—Andrew Kaye, Editor-in-Chief

Short Stories:
Daniel Hudon, “Dividing by Zero”
Jorja Hudson, “Pinocchio Goes on Klonopin”
Margo Hollingsworth, “A Christmas Miracle”
Chris Panatier, “When Billionaires Flee to Proxima b”
Virginia Revel, “Pacification”
Cayce Osborne, “Cherry Berry Lick-a-Licious”
Martin S. Hadfield, “While You Were Away”

Ken Macklin, “Emily Dickinson’s Car Accident Report”
Benjamin J. Chase, “‘To Sarah Connor”
Aaron Barry, Two Poems
Lindsay Brown, “Sixteen Dollars”
Norman Minnick, Two Poems
David W. Landrum, “Reading Advice on Writing by Ernest Hemingway”

Downloadable Copy:
Defenestration, December 2019

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