Defenestration: December 2016

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You can’t see me, but I’m rubbing my hands together with sinister glee. Maybe I’m just excited to share this month’s issue of Defenestration with you. Or maybe I’m giddy about leaving this disastrous year behind. Or maybe I’m convinced that time is cyclical and that David Bowie will reappear sometime in early January. Okay, so maybe it’s all three. But this is Defenestration, so let’s talk about that, shall we?

We indeed have a great issue for you this month. We’ve got old gods and new gods, vampires, space travel… and more Lemon Farts than most magazines have had all year. I can say that with certainty.

And of course, a new issue of this most beloved of humor magazines also means that we’re again open to short story and poetry submissions. So feel free to start sending those our way now. We’re reading for our April 2017 issue over the next few months, and we want to make 2017 extra special, so show us what you’ve got!

—Andrew Kaye, Editor-in-Chief


Mary F. Lee, “The Bright Side”
Matt Kolbet, “No Title (on purpose)”
Cole Bellamy, “How to Write a Good Book”
Mickey Kulp, “New Pantheon”
CL Bledsoe and Michael Gushue, “The End of the World Comedy Roast”
Daniel Galef, Two Poems

Short Stories:

Paul Stansbury, “The Interview”
KJ Hannah Greenberg, “Tourist Problems”
Alice Hatcher, “Love in the Age of Global Warming”
Lita Kurth, “But How Will Brexit Affect Vampires?”
Walter Nyman, “Burger Fervor”
Desmond White, “Flexible Groups”

Downloadable Copy:

Defenestration, December 2016


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