“The Bright Side,” by Mary F. Lee

Dec 20th, 2016 | By | Category: Poetry

Medusa turned every one of her boyfriends into stone
yet still found that her physical relationships with them
were deeply satisfying and lasted for hours.
“Such a hard on!” she exclaimed to the Gorgons.

Icarus, whose father gave him wings,
flew too close to the sun while drunk on hubris
yet found cause to be cheerful as he fell
due to a hot wax that left him soft, glowing, and stubble free.

Hera, the wife of that philandering shape-shifter Zeus,
sometimes got a case of nerves while he was out impregnating virgins.
Concerned, she went to Hippocrates who swore
“You’re fine; it’s only a tic, Hera.”

Prometheus, freed from his chains by Hercules,
said these words of wisdom for the ages:
“Better an angry vulture pecking on your liver
than an angry vulture living on your pecker.”


Mary F. Lee, poet, is also a musician, wife, mother, and activities director for an assisted living apartment complex. She spends a lot of time writing dirty limericks and has been published 17 times, including the August 2006 Poetry Magazine Humor Issue, Dust and Fire Women’s Poetry Anthology, Aqueous Magazine, Reader Weekly, Duluth News Tribune, online at Ernie Watts dot com, Minnetonka Review, “Amethyst and Agate” a Lake Superior Anthology, and Zenith City Style online mag. She is “a woman of a certain age” and hopes to have a collection published before she hits death.

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