Defenestration: August 2015

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Welcome, welcome, one and all, to (arguably one of) the happiest places on Earth (or at least the electronic version of Earth). It’s time to unleash the August 2015 issue of Defenestration into the cyber realm, so sit back, ready your reading digits, and prepare to be amused.

I’m coming down off a weeklong vacation high, and man, let me tell you… I don’t really feel like doing much of anything right now. I especially don’t feel like writing any sort of meaningful editorial. In fact, all I really want to do, if I’m going to be totally honest, is think about how much fun I had and craft circuitous plots about how I can have that sort of fun again very, very soon. I’ll do that while you’re reading this month’s issue, which has all the kinds of things I support: dragons, superheroes, several presidents of the United States, mad doctors, and yes, even cats.

And we’re totally open for business again. Send us your poetry, send us your short stories. We’re reading for the December 2015 issue, folks!

—Andrew Kaye, Vacationer-in-Chief


Neil Fulwood, “X-Men Epilogues: Days of Past Forgotten”
Michelle Hartman, “Dragons are Democrats”
Nick Bertelson, “Fashion Police”
Connor Harrison, “V Past II at Mussolini’s”

Short Stories

Kate LaDew, “The Man with Sock for Hands”
Daniel Clausen, “Timmy on the Other Side of the Universe”
Beth McCabe, “The Audition”
Zain Saeed, “Sirlon”
Carolyn Smuts, “Denomination”
Jack Bedrosian, “The Parable of The Goldfish and The Celebrity”
Aidan Fitzmaurice, “The Write Way to Speak”
Brian Cox, “The Art of Being and Branding”

Downloadable Copy

Defenestration, August 2015

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