Defenestration: August 2016

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Summer has come and gone. Vacations have ended, and schools are gearing up for another year of drudgery. Pools are being filled with dogs, then drained of water (and dogs). Birds are flying back to wherever the heck they normally fly to. Fireflies, too. Also aliens. These are sad, depressing times. But at least we have a new issue of Defenestration to keep us company in the weeks ahead.

So let’s get this party started! This month has a little more content than usual because we held on to a lot more stuff this time around. Eileen and I typically hold between 18 and 25 submissions each reading period, and from those we select about 10 for publication. But this time we held 35 submissions. That’s the most we’ve ever held on to, which is pretty impressive. Can we do better during the next reading period? That’s really up to you! Send us your best; we’re once again reading for poetry and short stories!


Thomas Cavazos, “To a Distant Lover”
Susan Chertkow, “My Fairy Garden”
Bryan Thao Worra, Two Poems
Charles Edward Wright, “Salad Days”
Anton Rose, “A Game of Thrones Senryu”
Grace Marshan, “encroachment”

Short Stories

TS Hendrik, “An Egg, an Ogg, and a Grog”
Jennifer Pullen, “Once Upon a Bed Time Dreary”
Darry Dinnell, “Inch-High Girlfriend”
Katherine Cowley, “The Last Bathroom”
KJ Hannah Greenberg, “Ott Toby”
John Domenichini, “Girt by Side Effects”
Christina Dalcher, “Go Badgers!”

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Defenestration, August 2016

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