“To a Distant Lover,” by Thomas Cavazos

Aug 20th, 2016 | By | Category: Poetry

These winter nights know not your gentle touch,
Your fingers running wild against your skin.
My darling, this I ask (think it not much:)
To be your partner, privy to your sin.

Cruel, unkind nymph! Why do you tease me so?
Am I not faithful? Call; do I not come
On winged feet? Mercurial, or slow?
But thine gaze meets not mine, and I am numb.

Your kisses: only saved for other men!
Your smile, your laugh, your lips: meant not for me!
I see you, my love, every night. But then?
The deed is done, the light goes out, you flee.

But still, this thing I love more than the rest:
The heart beneath your pixelated breast


Defenestration-Thomas CavazosThomas Cavazos is a writer living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. In between binge drinking, binge watching Netflix, and binge playing video games, he writes fiction and poetry to alternately exorcise his inner demons and clamor for approval and validation.

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