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“Audition Notice: ‘Doorman,'” by Steve Schutzman

Sep 27th, 2023 | By

The doorman will be cast from the large pool of doormen in New York City who went on to become professional stage actors in New York City after years of performing the most theatrical of jobs, being a doorman who must come to life for each person desiring entry, desiring exit, and then settle back on his stool after the dramatic moment of touching the brim of his cap, greeting and opening the door for someone. Symbolically, the doorman never enters and never exits. Neither does the actor in the play. All this requires such art that actors who have not been doormen would not succeed in the role. Here life leaks into art like blood between brothers. One would never ask a mule to play a horse, close as it might come in some ways.

“A Car Like Mine,” by Steve Schutzman

May 4th, 2022 | By

Because I am a proud, patriotic, ambitious, young immigrant to America who hopes to be rich someday and take advantage of all the great new tax cuts, I always try to follow the commands issued by cars bigger and better than mine, especially Hummers which are much bigger than the room I live in. This is especially true of the bumper sticker command “Support Our Troops” that I see on every Hummer on the road. I know Hummer drivers are doing their part, by burning the gasoline our troops are working so hard to keep flowing.