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“Spice of Life,” by Jeff Alphin

Oct 18th, 2023 | By

There is no exact comparison to the anticipatory joy and adventure that comes with a visit to Hi’s Variety.

Despite the world of Amazon, and internet, we sometimes find ourselves with a need in the now, and without clear thought as to how “this thing” can be quickly procured. Be it a rubber gasket to retard the flow of the faucet stripped midstream in a botched DIY plumbing attempt, or the fat leather watchband from the 70s to perfectly accentuate the evening’s themed disco masquerade. A box of Stove Top stuffing is essential for one’s solo Thanksgiving, a 45-rpm record adaptor for the amateur DJ who left his at home. The proper adhesive to reattach our rear view mirror, and an army-man Battle of the Bulge playset to decorate the cake. Make no mistake, we’ll find all these treasures and so much more at Hi’s.