Ben & Winslow

Humorous Vegetables

Dec 3rd, 2021 | By

I found this humorous vegetable while preparing some ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s the funniest vegetable I’ve ever found, and I thought, “I want to share this with the world, but I don’t want to be just post it to Twitter like some crass lowlife. Let’s draw an entire comic around it as a framing device!”

Seeds For Days

Nov 12th, 2021 | By

Today Winslow’s experimenting with some healthier snack options. Word to the wise: anything that claims to be “healthy” but comes packaged like a candy bar probably won’t be very good. You can practically taste the duplicity.


Nov 5th, 2021 | By

This is probably the most non-fungible drawing I’ve ever done.

Boo-k Reviewers

Oct 29th, 2021 | By

My wife is a fast reader, so to save money on books each month she reads a lot of free stuff on Kindle. Sometimes she finds some hidden gems, but more often than not she reads some really, really weird novels with amazingly terrible covers, and Kindle keeps recommending even weirder stuff. I love the book covers she texts me while I’m at work. Today’s comic is inspired by some of those novels.

The Vampire Dietaries

Oct 15th, 2021 | By

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Chauncy. Actually, that’s totally understandable because he isn’t a character in this comic strip at all and is instead from an older, now defunct strip of mine. But sometimes you need a vampire, right? And I have a pile of them already designed and ready to go, so…