Defenestration: April 2023

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It’s here. We’ve made it.

Folks, we’ve made it to 20 volumes of Defenestration. That means we’ve officially hit the 20-year mark. This magazine is officially older than some of its contributors. I don’t have anything to say to commemorate this milestone, other than Defenestration is awesome, has always been awesome, and will continue to be awesome, and it has been my great pleasure to publish humorous stories, poems, articles, and artwork for those 20 years. I’m glad our little corner of the internet is alive and kicking, and I’m thankful to everyone who submits their work to us–including those who don’t make it in. And I’m thankful to you, too, reader. Yes, you, specifically.

This month’s issue features impromptu tour guides, dogs of various breeds, unholy gas station rituals, and a shark with freaking legs. And it wouldn’t be appropriate for a magazine in it’s first XX volume to not have some spicier content, but I’ll let you read the table of contents to figure out what that actually is. Enjoy the issue!

Defenestration is  now open to poetry and short story submissions. Your target: the August 2023 issue. Send us your funniest stuff. Only the absolute funniest will do.

—Andrew Kaye, Editor-in-Chief

Short Stories:
Maxwell Shepherd, “Leg Shark”
Linda Lowe, “E.T.”
Alex Dermody, “Thank You, Lil Wayne”
PS Zhang, “Housewarming”
Austin Wilson, “Men’s Rights Activists Resurrect Charles Bronson”
Trevor Conway, “Scrapes”
Gail Mackenzie Smith, “Do Buddhist Dogs Have Fleas?”
Ariel Castagna, “Dick Tea”

Cori Steinberg, “Wrinkles”
Adrianna McCollum, “The Standoff”
Corey Bryan, Two Poems
J.M. McBirnie, “Pen Pals with Benefits”
Emma McNamara, “Petty Little Poem”

Downloadable Copy:

Defenestration, April 2023

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