“New York Times Obituary Rough Drafts,” by Ken Carlson

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Miriam Fungeltrap, a Noted Scientist, Is Dead at 81.


Miriam Fungeltrap, 81, Dies; Discovered Important Strain of Bacteria.


Miriam Fungeltrap; Scientist, Teacher, Devoted Wife, Mother of Two, Beloved in her Community, Deceased at 81.


Miriam Fungeltrap; Scientist, Influential Pioneer for Women, Passed Away at 81.


Miriam Fungeltrap; Unlikely to Reach 82, or Tomorrow.


Miriam Fungeltrap; 81, Scientist Passed On; Surrounded by her Family, Friends, and a Telemarketer named Susan.


Miriam Fungeltrap; 81 Years and Never Went to Vermont.


Miriam Fungeltrap; 81, Knew How to Work a Microscope, if You Know What I Mean.


Miriam Fungeltrap; 81, Climbed the Stairway to Heaven Despite Being More Into Skynyrd.


Miriam Fungeltrap; Departed at 81 from Gate 4.


Miriam Fungeltrap; Kind of Hot Back in the Day; Put to Bed with a Shovel at 81.


Miriam Fungeltrap; 81, Could’ve Totally Kicked Your Ass, so Knock it off, Brian.


Miriam Fungeltrap; 81, Used to Sniff the Test Tubes after Experiments.


Miriam Fungeltrap; 81, Good in Math and Stuff, Not Cool with Anyone Puking in her Car.


Miriam Fungeltrap was 81; Don’t Bother Her About Game of Thrones.


Miriam Fungeltrap; No Longer Looking for a Good Time at 81; aka M.F. on the Men’s Room Wall of the Vince Lombardi Service Area, New Jersey Turnpike.


Miriam Fungeltrap; Perished at 81, Someone Else Must Bring Lemon Squares to Book Club.


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