“Dickens’ Famous Opening Sentence from A Tale of Two Cities written by a Woke Millennial,” by Martin H. Levinson

Nov 6th, 2019 | By | Category: Fake Nonfiction, Prose

It was sort of the best of times, it was kind of the worst of times, it was like the age of wisdom, it appeared to be the age of foolishness, it seemed the epoch of belief, it seemed meh with respect to incredulity, it was man-crush Monday, it was woman-crush Wednesday, it was arguably the spring of hope, it was for all intents and purposes the winter of despair, we had quite a lot of things before us, we had almost nothing before us, we were all going more or less to heaven, we were all trying to Netflix and chill—TBH, the period was somewhat like the present one where some of the most humble-bragging trolls were basically able to foment a revolution and do a fair amount of shade throwing and guillotining in a woke kind of way without a fear of adulting or a fear of missing out. :)


Martin H. Levinson does not teach creative writing at Stanford, Amherst, or Yale. In 2018, he was not awarded a fellowship from the NEA. His poetry and essay writing has not graced the pages of The Atlantic, the New Yorker or the Paris Review. Levinson lives with his wife and two cats on a nondescript block in New York City. He is very grateful for the recognition he has not sought or managed to achieve and plans to continue to work in obscurity.

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