Defenestration: December 2011

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So. Here we are at last. You, me, maybe some snow, and this: the December 2011 issue of Defenestration. It smells like pine needles and pinecones and pine-scented floor cleaners. Very piney. Pinish? That sounds awful. But the smell? Ridiculishious.

You might be thinking, “This is a winter issue,” which is true if you don’t live in like, Australia, where everyone is wearing bathing suits and taking photos of themselves in bathing suits and them uploading them to [insert social networking site here] so all their American friends (they don’t have any other friends) can feel sad about everything. That’s a very Australian thing to do, I’ve heard. Anyway. You might be thinking “This is a winter issue,” which is true, only not really. In fact that’s wrong. Totally wrong. Nothing in this issue has anything to do with winter. In fact, if we were going to choose a theme for this issue, it would be poop.

No, that would be stupid. This issue isn’t about poop. But there’s definitely some poop-related content. And also young love, and slightly older love, and indexers in love. And there’s ghosts, too. And Dolly Parton. And a goat. But see for yourself. Go, read, enjoy.  And hell, have a happy [insert December holiday here] while you’re at it. And then when you’re done with all of that reading and merriment, think about all the great stuff that’ll be in our April 2012 issue, and consider submitting something for it. The reading period is now officially open.

—Andrew Kaye, Editor-in-Chief

Table of Contents

Mary Cresswell, “Indexers in Love”
Peter Cole Friedman, “Heyoka”
Joseph Buehler, “The Importance of Being Careful”
Anna Zoria, “More Human Than Human”
Tina Posner, “Stooges”

Short Stories:
Magda Knight, “Dark Matter”
Vanessa Weibler Paris, “A Thankless Job for It’s [sic] Worker’s [sic]”
Adriana Tosun, “Like 911, It’s Just a Number”
Stacey Resnikoff, “‘High IQ’ is Now Trending on Twitter”
Eric Suhem, “Shoes”
Michael Giddings, “A Place Where Kids’ Word Is Law”
Ryan Currier, “The Pests from Beyond”
Rijn Collins, “What to do when Joelene come calling”

Downloadable Copy:

Defenestration, December 2011

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