Defenestration: December 2010

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The December 2010 issue Defenestration is here. And by “here,” I literally mean here. As in right here. Or at least several lines below here, which is just as good. Or so I’m told.

This holiday season (Christmas, Hanukah or one of its various alternate spellings, Kwanzaa, Festivus, the 13th Feast of Shub Niggurath, Saint Radagast’s Day, and so on), give your friends and family the gift of Defenestration. This month’s issue is so good that you will feel compelled to print it off, wrap it up in fancy paper, and give it to everyone you know. Because the best kind of gift is the kind that’s easy on your wallet, and Defenestration is free, free, free.

(So is, I should note, actual defenestration. But I don’t recommend giving that to anyone.)

The year’s nearly done, and that’s a good thing, because that means we’ve survived this new formatting experiment. It’s working well. Non-fiction every Wednesday, Ben & Winslow every Friday, columns whenever the hell we feel like it, and big issues like this one three times a year… I’m enjoying it, aren’t you? And now we get to start the whole process over again. We’re officially open to poetry and short story submissions. This reading period’s for our April 20th issue. Send away!

—Andrew Kaye, Editor-in-Chief

Table of Contents


Ross Walton, “Facts About Mosquitoes”

Christina M. Rau, “How To Be A Member”

James Valvis, “On Being Born May 19th” 

F. John Sharp, “Just Because A Rabbit Isn’t Chocolate…”

Short Stories:

Keith Wisniewski, “Doing Time in Monopoly Jail”

Faith Gardner, “Shopping List” 

Eric Hawthorn, “Preface to a Backyard Adventure” 

Daniel Clausen, “Your Relationship with Edward Gray” 

Tom McMillian, “A Proper Sexual Education” 

Kate Lu, “Arms” 

Becky Cardwell, “Not That Big of a Stretch” 

David Powell, “Strange Fish”

Downloadable Copy:

Defenestration, December 2010

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