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“An Excerpt from the Endless Ongoing Conversation Between Dave Bowman and the HAL 9000,” by Dawn Corrigan

Nov 20th, 2009 | By

What’s wrong, Dave? You look a little down. Nothing, Hal. Don’t worry about it. Thanks for your concern, though. Nothing, schmothing, Dave. You can’t fool me. I haven’t been observing your every move for two millennia for nothing. Fine, Hal, you’re right. I’m feeling a little blue today. Well, I’m sorry, Dave, but you know,

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“An Open Letter to My Former Master in the Human Pets Application on Facebook,” by Dawn Corrigan

Mar 20th, 2008 | By

Dear Ex-Master,   I wanted to drop a line to say thanks for the kibble. Also, to explain why my Human Pets account has been removed from Facebook as of last Tuesday. Sorry I disappeared on you, like a dog that just can’t help wiggling under the fence.   In retrospect it seems sort of

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