“In Remembrance Of My Au Pair, The Poltergeist,” by Katherine Shaw and Cassie Soliday

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At the tender age of six, Mother introduced me to her Poltergeist. I was confused when she described it as a dark energy, but then she said, “Think of it as an au pair!” and I understood that an invisible French caretaker (who probably wore a beret) had joined our little family.

This explained so much! Like how Mother spent so much “me time” in bed, pretending I was invisible. Thankfully, our live-in Poltergeist meant I always had someone — well, something — watching over me.

Sure, Poltergeist was intimidating at first, but with time it became my trusted confidante. For instance, the time I accidentally broke an antique vase and blamed it on Poltergeist: it was as silent as a graveyard about it!

When we were evicted from our apartment, I was really worried Poltergeist would be left behind. But Mother shook her head and murmured that Poltergeist would never, ever leave us, no matter how many times we moved. I mused, “Is this what having a father is like?”

Mother passed away years ago, but the bond I share with Poltergeist keeps her memory alive. Even today, people comment that I seem to have a shadowy presence surrounding me.


Katherine Shaw (she/her) lives in the Pacific Northwest despite her fear of serial killers. Her comedy writing has been published in The Belladonna Comedy, Points in Case, Slackjaw, and more. Catch her latest shenanigans on Instagram @daclassybiatch.



Cassie Soliday is a writer and cartoonist, working in the Animation industry. They love road trips and the ocean, and especially road trips that lead to the ocean. Follow them on twitter and Instagram @cassiesoliday.


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