“Clear the Room with Your Podcast Knowledge,” by Michael Wolf

Jul 20th, 2022 | By | Category: Nonfiction, Prose

Has listening to the radio worn a hole in your mind? Are you tired of watching Captain Kangaroo and his lover, Mister Greenjeans? Now there is an alternative—The Podcast.

You can now clear the room when you open your maw to yammer about everything Mycology or the study of mushrooms to the Stone-Age Philosopher.

The subjects abound—artificial stupidity, the theory of Monopoly, the experiences of a monkey raised by survivalists, bathtub warming, the brains of birds. There are myriad reasons for partygoers to look to their friends to rescue them from you.

These subjects and more are available from podcasts everywhere. Mention this article to receive a free mycology textbook.


Michael Wolf began his career as a cartoonist with King Features and Universal Press Syndicates. After MS took his ability to draw, he became a humor writer. Because one-panel cartooning is writing, the transition was seamless.

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