Defenestration: April 2020

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Remember last year, specifically December 2019, when we were looking forward to 2020 and all the magic associated with a new decade? And then remember when 2020 showed up and Australia immediately burst into flames, and we thought nothing could possibly get worse than this? Boy, was that ever a mistake. I think we tend to forget the narrative pitfalls associated with sentences like “nothing could possibly get worse than this.” Now we’ve got a pandemic and stay-at-home orders and all this extra time to spend with small children who want nothing more than to leave the house even though they were more than content to play video games all day, once upon a time. So I hope you’re going well. I hope you’re being safe. And I really hope you haven’t lost your sense of humor, because Defenestration is still chugging on, and we’ve got funny stuff we want to share.

This month has lots of great short stories and poems for you, and you’ll notice that several of our fiction offering this month are on the longer side (because we know you’ve got time to read it). We’ve got chickens and space wolves, Darth Vader and King Lear, as well as a healthy mix of gods, goddesses, and members of the clergy. And that’s not even half of it.

Follow the links below  or download the whole issue as a PDF. We’ve also opened the inbox to poetry and short stories as we begin reading for our August 2020 issue. I know that many of you are stuck indoors, but please try to avoid using quarantines and COVID-19 as your subject matter. We’re really not interested in seeing anything about that.

—Andrew Kaye, Editor-in-Chief

Short Stories:
Robert Garnham, “Thirsty Work”
Bobbie Armstrong, “I Started Jogging to Stay in Shape, and Because a Fire Breathing Lizard Is Always Chasing Me”
Tomo Lazovich, “The Gift of the Bards”
Claire Russell, “The Rights of Chickens”
Sam Wiles, “Goddamned Space Wolves”
Heather Robinson, “Floods”
Rebecca Coffey, “Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s ‘The Little Blintz'”
John O., “Corpse”

Mary Cresswell, “The Raving”
James W. Reynolds, “Titillation”
Kim Malinowski, “Darth Vader at the Renaissance Festival”
Kyle Brandon Lee, “A Jovial Wednesday Picnic”
Peter Taylor, “Lunchroom Lear”

Downloadable Copy:

Defenestration, April 2020

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