“The New Yak Tomes Bust Sellers,” by Tom Ukinski

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September 1, 2020

Fiction – Nonfiction – E-Book

1. Game of Phones, by Sprobile Verizatt

2. Don’t They Know It’s All Their Fault?: Cutting the Ballast from America’s Rise, by Malwasse Wright

3. What the Monkey Thought, by Pitter Patterson

4. We Got Him for Sure Now . . . How ’Bout Now?: The D.T. Tease, by Medea Fuller

5. How to Pretend You Have Friends: Fool Yourself While Flogging Your Career, by Bornaloan Dialoan

6. Wheel of Plots, Volume 4X1080: The Stolen Tolken Token, by Kepe Shavelin

7. I’m Truly Lying: A Memoir, by Hymns Fried

8. Road Construction Crews That Really Work!: Hidden Miracles in America, by Anthroad Tulong

9. Women Wearing Clothes, Edited by the Editors of Vague Esteem Magazine

10. 50 Grades of Gag, by Lolly Chums

11. Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica and Zombies, by Isaac Newton and Tad Nauseam

12. Build Your Own Investment Bubble: You Can Bankrupt Yourself and Win Big! by Will Neverstoppe

13. Something with SEX in the Title, by Derwatt Cells

14. Dummies for Dummies: Dummies for Dummies, by Ouboros Kekulé

15. It’s Not Your Signal Breaking Up, It’s Us, by Kenyu Eermeno

16. World Leaders in the Closet: How Orientation and Repression Are the Primi Moventes of History, by S. Candle-Munger

17. Learn to Swim without Water: And Without Learning or Swimming, by Wonborn Eveymint

18. First Thing We Did, Kill All the Lawyers, by John Grrschmer

19. Get Off Your Butt and Do It!: Except for Me, by Mo Blobula

20. Pocket Guide to Pockets, by Rhonda Boat

21. Nuthin’, by Igott Plentia

22. How to Write a Successful Book about Successfully Writing a Book about Success, by Sir Qam Lo-Q Chen

23. Think Positive—Nah! That Don’t Work!: How Intention, Imagination, and Love Are a Buncha Crap, by Krist Fawlen

24. The Purpose-Driven Knife, by Trick Wearenthin

25. The Up Side of Being Unemployed, Impoverished, Diseased, Deranged, Irradiated, Toxified, and Controlled by Pseudo-Republics, by Stella Luken


Tom Ukinski has been a doorman, mailman, chimney sweep and factory worker. He did street mime in Washington, D.C., and Mexico City, and stand-up comedy in nightclubs in Chicago, Boston, and LA. In the 1980s, he was convicted of being a lawyer and served 25 years in state government. He’s written novels, poetry, short stories, and musicals. Two of his novels, Last Job on Earth and Divine Play: An Epic with Commercials were published in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. They are under reconstruction.

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