Defenestration: April 2019

Apr 20th, 2019 | By | Category: Archives, Editorials, Featured

Welcome, welcome, to the April 2019 issue of Defenestration, an issue that promises more literary references than any other issue this year, unless everyone tries to prove us wrong during our next reading period. Seriously, though, we’ve got a story about Emily Dickinson, another story about Sherlock Holmes, and a poem styled after Andrew Marvel. This is the kind of stuff that makes us look like a high class magazine until you get to all the curse words and penis jokes.

Our delightful selection of humor can be found by following the links below, or you can just download the whole issue as a PDF. Enjoy it either way. And the inbox is now once again open to poetry and short stories, so let’s see your best. (I say that every month, but Eileen and I really don’t want to see your worst.)

Short Stories:
Stephen Parrish, “Galactic Fair”
Bailey Holtz, “Catching Knives”
Trash Clapton, “Pastiche”
Kathleen Naurekas, “The Writers Conference”
Randal Eldon Greene, “@ChefNipsNips”
Myna Chang, “Teeth, Hair & Eyes LLC”
Ben Fitts, “Softboy Ray”

Gary Mesick, “To His Koi”
Melissa Lux, “In Defense of the Parpy Tree Trunk”
Vince Reighard, Two Poems
M. Desmond Dahm, “Our natural defenses”

Downloadable Version:

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