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Aug 28th, 2015 | By | Category: Ben & Winslow

08282015 Erecto Patronum


I guess now that the Moustache Wizard is dead and buried, Winslow feels safer dabbling in sorcery, and reveals something interesting about his magical past…

Ben & Winslow has had plenty of jokes about magic, but not enough jokes about Harry Potter, so this is my attempt to rectify that situation. I also wanted to draw a comic that utilized panels in a way similar to last year’s comic “Mission Control,” but with color instead of white space. This was a fun, stupid way to pull this off.


Andrew Kaye (known in some circles as AK) is the creator of Ben & Winslow and other questionable comics, many of which can be found in his deviantART gallery and his Tumblr. He’s also the editor-in-chief of this magazine. Duh

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