Defenestration: August 2014

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Summer is coming to an end. And that can only mean one (important) thing: The August 2014 issue of Defenestration is here!

The August issue is always the hardest to put together. The winds of literary magic don’t blow very strong in late August, so we’re forced to accumulate magic through other, more labor-intensive means. We have to plan for this in advance. Eileen, for example, takes a trip to Ireland every summer to collect leprechaun feces (also known as “leprechuano”). We have to sacrifice three times as many unicorns, and it’s always a pain getting enough of them. Not to mention all the manticore tears that need to be bottled, all the demons that need to be castrated, and all the wizard bile that needs to be picked up from our cannery in North Carolina and shipped back to Defenestration HQ. And this happens before we even choose the content for the issue!

We hope you enjoy this one. This month we’ve got sex, violence, condiments, disembodied spirits, penises (at least one of them chicken-headed), and several dozen post-apocalyptic nightmare worlds, just to name a few topics. If it sounds crazy, it is, but what else would you expect?

Also, the Defenestration in-box is once again open to short stories and poetry. We’re reading for our December 2014 issue.

—Andrew Kaye, Editor-in-Chief, Resident Superhero and Superhero Agitator


April Salzano, Two Poems
Tony Peyser, “When The New York Times Embraces the Lunatic Fringe”
Art Heifetz, “R.I.P.”
Barbara Lee, “Boomers Gone Wild”
Bradley K. Meyer, Two Poems

Short Stories:

Ian Couch, “How Many Four Year Olds Do You Think You Could Take In a Fight?”
Miranda Ciccone, “Ninja Assassin Death Robot Apocalypse”
Alexei Kalinchuk, “Aesop’s 11”
Ao-Hui Lin, “Earnest, the Chicken-Headed Penis Boy”
Michael Price, “The Write’s Tough”
Steve Smith, “Sojourn in a Monkey Suit”
Brenda Anderson, “Hugo’s Private Space”
Evan Purcell, “New Guy Smell”

Downloadable Copy:

Defenestration, August 2014

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