“My Sue Grafton-Inspired Memoir Series,” by Michael Wolman

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“A” is for Alcohol-Fueled Affair

“B” is for Birth

“C” is for Childhood

“D” is for Dartmouth

“E” is for English Degree

“F” is for Food Stamps

“G” is for Gainful Employment and Girlfriends

“H” is for Hitched

“I” is for Itch, Two-Year

“J” is for Jamaica (i.e., Vow Renewals)

“K” is for Kids

“L” is for Lesbian (i.e., My Wife)

“M” is for Midlife Crisis

“N” is for Nasty Motorcycle Accident

“O” is for Oxycontin

“P” is for Percocet

“Q” is for Quaaludes

“R” is for Rehab

“S” is for Second Marriage

“T” is for Third Marriage

“U” is for Unpublished Mystery Novels

“V” is for Viagra

“W” is for “Why Don’t the Kids Call Anymore?”

“X” is for Xenophobia

“Y” is for Dementia

“Z” is for Zzzzz (Forever)


Defenestration-Dapper GentlemanMichael Wolman’s humor has appeared in Defenestration, The Big Jewel, Hobo Pancakes, and The Mad Hatters’ Review, among others. Some women say he looks “a little, but not really” like Don Draper “in the right light.” You can follow him in the blogosphere at wolmanr’s.tumblr and in the Twittersphere @WolmanTweets, but honestly, do you really want to keep up with someone who uses words like “blogosphere” and “Twittersphere”?

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