“What’s in and What’s out: Words to Watch in 2013,” by Sean Scanlan

Feb 20th, 2013 | By | Category: Nonfiction, Prose

In: Assonance
Out: Alliteration

In: Burgundy
Out: Bourgogne

In: Calico
Out: Coal tar

In: Dulcimer
Out: Dubstep

In: Eructation
Out: Erection

In: Forlorn
Out: Frank

In: Gregariousness
Out: Gnomishness

In: Hovel
Out: Hut

In: Institution
Out: Installation

In: Jackanapes
Out: Jackass

In: Knapsack
Out: Knee-highs

In: Lampin’
Out: Laboring

In: Mandarin
Out: Manqué

In: Nudge
Out: Noodle

In: Oscillation
Out: Obsfucation

In: Prognosticate
Out: Perorate

In: Q*bert
Out: Quark

In: Ridges
Out: Roofs

In: Shoulders
Out: Shins

In: Tilapia
Out: Tuna

In: Unalloyed
Out: Unadulterated

In: Value
Out: Velocity

In: Whelps
Out: Wonks

In: Xanax
Out: Xanadu

In: Yohimbe
Out: Ylang-ylang

In: Zepplins
Out: Zipcars


Defenestration-Sean ScanlanSean Scanlan teaches students how to write long sentences at New York City College of Technology, which is part of the City University of New York system (and which is lovingly called “City Tech”), and–he often emphasizes this next bit–his school is very close to the Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge Park, where he often goes to compose lesson plans for his classes on world poetry, transnational literature, and beginning and advanced composition courses, but besides all of that, he also edits an online academic journal called NANO: New American Notes Online (www.nanocrit.com), and, finally, he enjoys reading words on digital interfaces as well as on paper interfaces.

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