Two Poems by Oak Morse

Dec 20th, 2023 | By | Category: Poetry


Villagers swarm the police station
there’s a marijuana issue across town,
a marijuana issue!
Folks are unlawfully getting stoned!
Chief soars out smelling like the finest indo
don’t worry people; we will solve it, carry on!
Please carry on!
Chief runs to commissioner’s office down in the trap,
villagers say there’s a marijuana issue across town,
a marijuana issue!
Commissioner with blood shot eyes:
don’t worry, I will fix it, carry on!
Please carry on!
Later, on the local news commissioner:
Villagers, do not worry about the marijuana issue
we are solving it as I speak;
it’s been sent to a joint committee!


Drunk man crashes into woman’s car.

Woman’s head strikes steering wheel.

Condoms fly from back seat.

Woman gets out, sees bashed bumper,

crumbled plate, throws slurs.

Drunk man spits and flicks off woman.

Woman flings black dildo.

Drunk man records woman until cops arrive,

then winks goodbye.

Next week headline news, her picture,

Porn star sues: rear ended.


Oak Morse lives in Houston, Texas, where he teaches creative writing and theater and leads a youth poetry troop, the Phoenix Fire-Spitters. He was the winner of the 2017 Magpie Award for Poetry in Pulp Literature, a finalist for the 2023 Honeybee Poetry Award, and a semi-finalist for the 2020 Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry. A Warren Wilson MFA graduate, Oak has received Pushcart Prize nominations, fellowships from Brooklyn Poets, Twelve Literary Arts, Cave Canem’s Starshine and Clay,as well as a Stars in the Classroom honor from the Houston Texans. His work appears in Black Warrior Review, Obsidian, Tupelo, Southern Indiana Review, Tinderbox, Iron Horse Literary Review, Nimrod,, Hampton-Sydney Review, and Hobart, among others.

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