“How to ADHD: Work From Home Edition,” by Fhen Kaye

Nov 5th, 2023 | By | Category: Visuals


Fhen Kaye, a self-taught artist/illustrator and writer, was born in the UK to Ugandan parents and has spent the majority of their life in South Africa. They have an ongoing webcomic called Perfect Match on WEBTOON. They are also creating a manga-inspired series titled Freya and the Five Selves. Fhen’s life goal is to parent two puppies while also writing and illustrating a multitude of graphic novels, manga series, zines, and comic books. As an AuDHD diva, Fhen creates comics that address mental health and periods with unapologetic honesty. For more information, visit: https://fhenmakesartmmkay.wixsite.com/fhen-the-artist

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